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Explaining Commercial Photography Pricing

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Job Fee: Our job fee entails our cost and time, not only on the date of the photo session but also our pre-production time that we invest in preparing for the session (such as, time on phone scheduling, preparing and loading equipment. After the session, there is a charge for the digital processing and preparation of files that the client will need for their purposes. This could include photo manipulation of an image (for example, removing something in a backdrop, take a sign out of a photo, extracting the subject matter from the backdrop, providing jump drives or hard drives, emailing, uploading images, etc.)

Additional charges can include our usage or licensing fees which is what the client pays to use your images. Images often have a life span which decreases with each use.

In commercial photography, the photographer extends usage rights to their clients. The photographer is the still the legal owner and copyright holder of the images, regardless of whether they were paid for their time to create them or not. Some clients ask for unrestricted licensing in perpetuity while others need only a limited use agreement.

Other factors in pricing can include the following: Assistants, additional photographers, special equipment, overtime, after hours time, holiday work, etc.

With all of this in mind, these are our typical rates for commercial photography with only one photographer. Please discuss with us about your job and your needs, in order to get an exact quote.

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